Darbys Pub

Darby’s Pub Delivers Delicious Pizza and Awesome Craft Beer

We’ve sprung forward into Daylight Savings, so that means…more daylight? Yes, and more of many other things that are back!

While days are warming up and getting longer everyone is itching to get out there and soak up some social atmosphere.

None other than our famous Darby’s rooftop patio is open for lazy weekends eating and drinking with friends and family in the great outdoors. (There’s no stopping you from Monday to Friday by the way!)

With stunning views of the North Shore Mountains, Darby’s rooftop patio is the perfect place to relax and welcome spring and summer back into the fold.

For the Kitsilano area’s best pizza (and famous far beyond Kitsilano we daresay) look no further than our stunning range of mouthwatering homemade and locally sourced ingredient topped pizzas.

That’s right, we’re famous for more than having 41 taps of local craft beers and cider.

Where else will you find freshly hand-made dough and a range of in-house sauces crafted with flavour and kick for dipping our delectable too-good-to-leave-behind crusts?

Since we value all things local we use fresher than fresh produce and only locally-raised, hormone-free animals for our toppings and the rest of our menu.

Pizza Delivery 7 Days per Week

Our pizzas are available for delivery which means when you have that unstoppable urge to indulge in our ridiculously good pizza, nothing can stand in your way! Even better, online ordering for delivery or takeout is available from 3 pm to 10:45 pm, 7 days a week.

What will you choose? From tomato-based, Bianco, or BBQ-based sauces to line your pizza, we cater to the spicy, the meaty, or the veggie aficionados among you. With five vegetarian options in our range that can also be made vegan we really have got you covered.

Once you’ve tried Darby’s pizza, regular pizza delivery just won’t do. Try one the next time you’re in the neighborhood. Or better yet, make it your mission to get down to our pub and see for yourself. We guarantee it won’t be the last time you have our pizza, and that’s why we deliver. Any day can be a Darby’s day!

Canadian Classics on Menu

We’ve got plenty happening on our menu beyond pizza too. Classic burgers, salads, and those famous Canadian menu stalwarts Poutine and Chicken Wings all feature. Plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan diners as well as gluten-free substitutions available.

So what else is new for this season at Darby’s? If you haven’t followed our Instagram (@darbys_kits), you should! We always update Insta with our latest offers, craft beers and drinks arrivals.

Be in the know and among the first to try the latest beverages on offer. Trust us, it will give you bragging rights with your mates.

Backcountry Brewing’s Pool Shower

Some of the latest arrivals have been with us before, but one that is a standout is Backcountry Brewing’s Pool Shower. Back and better than ever, we couldn’t wait for its return. It was worth the wait. A Kool-Aid Fruit Punch Sour that will appeal to adults with a hankering for a grown-up version! Available in-store next door and on tap now.

Moody Ales & Co, Lavender Sour

Recently we showed off one of our favourite sours by Moody Ales & Co, Lavender Sour. Described as ‘breezy, lemon-tartness steeped with herbal-sweet floral flavours. It should not be missed by craft beer geeks at any cost! Available at the bar or to order in a 4-pack, because you’ll want more than one.

R&B Hoppelgänger IPA

Prefer something hoppier? Look no further than the impishly labelled R&B Hoppelgänger IPA. Double dry-hopped, it provides refreshing notes of lemon, grapefruit, and passionfruit for a crisp and dry finish. Seems like a no-brainer for this time of year to add a little zest into your pub drink choices. Available on tap and in our store.

We have limited-time food and drinks offers, so keep checking us out on Insta, so you never miss out.

March Pizza + Steamworks Lager Promo

You may have let our March offer pass you by, which makes us sad. If you ordered two pizzas, you could have had a 12-pack of Steamworks Lions Gate Lager for only $16.99, saving you $7.

Don’t be sad you didn’t take advantage of our offer. Just get onto our socials and never let it happen again. The FOMO is real, folks. For offers, new arrivals, our delectable pizza and an extended inclusive menu that caters to most dietary requirements.

Join us for more than food and drinks at our Wednesday Karaoke, Thursday Trivia Nights, or just work your way to becoming a member of the Hall of Foam.

Takeout and Delivery available 3 pm – 10:45 pm 7 days a week.

Darby’s Public House is conveniently located in the Kitsilano area of Greater Vancouver and is open from 12 pm – 1 am.

Find us at:
2001 Macdonald Street
Vancouver, BC
V6K 3Y2